7 Things I Learned After 9 Years of Living Abroad Alone

7 Things I Learned After 9 Years of Living Abroad Alone
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This year remarks 9 years of living abroad. I came in 2015 as a Student and became a professional in 2019. I came here as a 21 years old boy and this year I am a 30 years old man.

I spend most of my twenties away from my family, which is an experience I prefer instead of living with my family and friends in my hometown. Even though I wasted a lot of potential growth in my twenties, I still learned valuable lessons I wouldn't have if I never left home.

A month ago a friend of mine asked me what I learned since I came here. At that time, I couldn't answer immediately which took me two weeks to think and formulate my thoughts.

Here is what 9 years of living abroad alone has taught me

Stable Country is a bliss

I was unfortunate enough to be born in a nationality of a poor country that is always at war and conflict.

Being born in a stable country with a good passport is a privilege. If you are born in a stable country you are already ahead of 80% of the people.

If you are born in a country where basic necessities such as electricity, food, safty, and fast wifi. You already have the advantage against 99% of the people.

No place can affect your happiness

When I was growing up, I always dreamed of leaving my hometown and living in another country and changing my passport.

I used to think, all I need is to change my passport and then my life will be in order. But, when I grew up I found out it is not the case.

You can be in the best country in the world but live a miserable life. No place on earth will make you happy.

I used to believe that you need to travel to live a good life. Now I believe to live a good life you need to change yourself not your place. You can create your own reality everywhere you go.

Be careful of people who look like you

When we visit a new country, we are always concerned that we will get scammed by the locals.

After 9 years here, I found that every scam story I heard was from people with the same nationality as the victim.

I rarely heard any scam story from a local to a foreigner. It is always from people with the same nationality as you do.

Always be more cautious with people who look like you.

Don’t believe other people's opinions

You can't judge anything until you experience it yourself. When I came here, I heard a lot of negative things about the country. I heard the country is dangerous, don't walk alone at night, people are racist, and so on.

Unfortionality I used to believe all that. The first month when I came, I never went at night, and if I left at night for any reason I used to come back home running. After a few months, I discovered everything I heard was a lie. People were too friendly, streets were generally safe.

Why do these people have such a negative view of the country even though they never experienced these negative situations? Well, I don't know.

Everything you say will happen. (Think Positivity)

Everything I believed in my mind came to reality. Everything I said became true.

when I was a student, I told everyone that I would not come back and I would continue my career here. That came to reality and I stayed here to start my career even though many people told me to impossible to find a job as a foreigner here.

The problem is that every negative thought I have also came to reality. When I said I was not good enough. I became not good enough. When I say life is hard, it becomes hard. When I said it was impossible to build my dream physique, I never managed to build my dream physique even though I spent 4 years working out.

Many examples I have in my own life where negative thoughts became reality. But I don't share too much.

Everything you say will come to reality

Luck will find you

The story of starting my career as a software developer happened by luck. After many rejections, I received an email from a company. They asked me if I was local or foreign. I told them I was a foreign student.

Because I said the word "student" they gave me an internship opportunity for 3 months. After the 3 months, I managed to get a sponsored full-time job with them.

If I only replied with the words "I am a foreigner", they would tell me that they only looking for locals at this moment and the conversation would be over.

Getting opportunities might come from unexpected situations. I believe no matter how much we work hard, we still need the luck to become successful.

You Need to Get Rich

If you plan to live the rest of your life outside your country. Getting rich is a must. There is no security in living abroad forever. It is still not your country, the immigration rules might change anytime and you will find yourself out of the country.

For this reason, I always try to prepare for the day that I am no longer allowed to stay in the country. The best way to prepare is by getting rich. Money will make it easier to start another new life in a new place.

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